Accessing Child Movie Clips in FD Created in Flash IDE


i have created a symbol called Display which contains a timer. The timer itself is made of a watch and hand symbol. I have exported it into FD and what i am trying to achieve is to rotat the hand every 1,000 miliseconds ever 6 degrees. The problem i am having is accessing the child object, hand, and adding the rotation. Can somebody tell me how i can access my child object so i can get it to rotate please. Although, my initial idea was to create a hand symbol, but after seeing the class by pressing F4, i only saw the watch var.

   import flash.display.MovieClip;
   import flash.display.Sprite;
   import flash.utils.Timer;
    * demonstrates the use of using Timer Events
    * @author LuongVuong
    * Created on: 06 July 09
    * Last modified: 
   public class TimeEvent extends Sprite
      private var Display:SWCWorkFlow_Display;
      private var Watch:MovieClip;
      private var timer:Timer;
      public function TimeEvent() 
      public function initialize() :void
         Display = new SWCWorkFlow_Display();
         Watch =;
         timer = new Timer(1000); // 1,000 mili seconds or 1 second
      public function construct() :void
         timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, onTimer);
      // cant access hand and won't rotate even without???
      public function onTimer(evt:TimerEvent) :void
         Watch.rotation += 6;


P.S i am using FlashDevelop to build my app