Accessing external variables works in IE, not in FF

Good Morning,

I have a swf file named main.swf and it is loading (using moviecliploader) the file book.swf . There are a bunch of variables and functions in book.swf that main.swf will access. So upon finish loading (onLoadInit) these variables are used.

I tested it locally on IE and works like a charm. However, when I tested it locally on Firefox, it does not work ! Meaning that, it does load the book.swf file, but none of the variables become accessible. When I upload both files temporarily onto a server and test it, it does not work neither on IE or FF.

I really made sure that the file was loaded first, and at the event of onLoadInit , the variables were accessed. But they just return undefined. I tried reading about the security allowDomain() function, but I dont think that’s the problem since both files reside under the same directory.

Any help please???