Accessing "parent" movie clips

I am considering converting a huge game from AS2.0 to AS3.0. It seems everything is different. Specifically, here’s an issue:

In general I have a bunch of scenes where each scene has a class that governs how it works. The class is attached to an EMPTY movie clip that sits on the stage. The other resources needed by the class are on the stage (placed there in the authoring environment), using the instance names to identify them. For example, I might use _parent.thing._x = 50; to alter a stage movie clip.

How do I do that now? I know that I have to access it (somehow!) from the display list, or some way through stage.root. How? Can I maintain my current structure (a class attached to an empty movie clip that alters objects “outside” of it) without totally changing everything?

Thanks!!! :slight_smile: