Accessing Your Webcam in HTML WiFi

I can successfully set up Accessing Your Webcam in HTML as described. Can I change the source to use a WiFi camera instead of my laptop camera?

In a video chatting app like Zoom or Google Meet, does your Wifi enabled webcam appear as a video source?

Hi Kirupa. Thank you for getting back to me. To answer your question, no I can’t see the cameras in either zoom or skype. I can see the camera IP addresses using my admin router access. What I am hoping to do is set up direct access to the cameras so that during broadband failure they could still be seen locally? I can normally access them from mobile phone android applications. Maybe I’m trying to do the impossible? Or reinventing the wheel? Many thanks.

Unfortunately, that makes it difficult/impossible to do. The APIs in JavaScript for detecting a webcam require that the webcam be easily detectable via some low-level system setting. With that said…can you enter the IP address in your browser’s address bar? If so, what do you see displayed?