ACK! A weekend away!

Oh man this weekend sucked. My rents forgot to pay the phone bill and we got it shut off. I paid it sat. but it wasn’t reinstated till today (which was cool cause they said 48 business hours, I was thinking wed :P). Anyway, I had to work lots this weekend anyway (which has been so tough since I was passed over for a promotion I totally deserve). So this weekend I had:

1). Work - not too busy, the motocross was here. Busy enough though. And I almost got in a fight with someone that told me that our store ran ‘scams’ and that we were the worst store he had ever been too - that deeply offended me. I was actually gritting my teeth to not swear and yell at this fool.

2). No phone, no internet, no nothing. This is especially bad cause the girl I like, she just gave me her number and I wanted to get in touch with her again. So I was like, crap not till wed… thats mid week… she’ll have mapped out any free days I have by then…

3). Broken car. It’s always broken. Now I’m driving my mom’s Buick Riviera which I ABHORE. It’s gigantic, a bi… bad with gas, and hard to drive. No cd player either, not even tape player, jsut fm/am! I listen to NPR radio and thunder classic rock mostly, or just sing usually, cause the songs in my head are much better than radio :stuck_out_tongue:

But now, things are looking up: the phone is working as of tonight, I don’t have work tomorrow, and the car may be fixed tomorrow also.

Oh and as for the girl… I called her from WORK of all places after I got off at 9 on sat (well I wanted to see if she would go get food with me; instead we ended up talking for about an hour and then we are doing something thurs, and now that I have my car back we can drive to chico and see a movie or something (my town has a really crappy… well everything, but theater, so you gotta drive 30-45 minutes out of town for a decent theater)). So… I don’t knbow what to make of life! It’s like, when things go down, but then look up again, is that just stabalization? I feel no better off than before…
cept for the girl. I am really, really happy about that. But you didn’t hear that from me.

Oh and what did I miss? I saw hifi changed her avatar and footer, as did I believe grinch… wow! How was your weekends guys? Good to be back! yay!

edit: special thanks go out to hifi for pointing out my mistakes in my spelling. thanks. :sigh:

Do you mean adore or abhor? I’m a little confused. :stuck_out_tongue:

I spent my weekend sobbing over how long I have to wait for PoP2. :frowning:

umm… weekend?

oh yeah, I think I slept through that one :stuck_out_tongue:

hifi: I didn’t even know they’d make a 2nd one… I can’t wait for Silent Hill 4 :drool:

Hey, yeah, wait a second, weekend? I guess all my weekends are away, I usually only come online on weekdays. :stuck_out_tongue: