Anyone want to hear about my day?

My friend came back to our dorm last night drunk. Unbelievably wasted. and she can’t handle alcohol anyway. and she felt bad, and she lost control and she started to cry hysterically. So I didn’t get to sleep until 5:30 am. For some unexplained reason, i woke back up at 8:00 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. So i got on my computer and tried a few things with flash before i took a shower, then I took my shower and went to get breakfast with my ex-g/f. we got into a fight, and she’s mad at me, for being annoyed with her, for being mad at me (get that?). anywho…then my friends wanted to go to the mall. thats fine. I bought a watch…its actually pretty nice and I’m happy with that. Plus the hot chick that was selling the watch was flirting with me and gave me the watch for 50% off. So the bus comes at 5:00pm, and its usually late, but noooooo…not today…not when we’re missing a member of our party. Of course the bus comes on time today…and we’re stuck at the mall for an extra 45 minutes, cuz we wouldn’t leave anyone behind, as tempting as it seemed. So we catch a bus and come back. Then we go out again, to go out to eat. We are supposed to meet a party of 12 there. We walk in, and they are nowhere to be found. Appearently put their name down and then left when they found out it was going to be a 30 minute wait. So, my two friends and I, (we were travelling together), decided to stay there and eat. so we put our names down for a table of 3 and we waited. Due to some stupid hostess mix-up…we got called 45 minutes later than we were supposed to be called for our table. so we waited for over and hour just for a table. Then after we ate (food was great thought!) we went to Wal-Mart (right next to food place) to wait for the bus. Bus was supposed to be there at 8:40. By 9:00 it still wasn’t there. so we ran across the shopping center (sprinted actually) to catch a different bus that would take us back to campus, and now here i am. fun day…fun fun fun…

cheers to anyone who actually reads that whole thing. I felt like ranting. I hope all your days were better than mine. :slight_smile:

This just isn’t your week, is it? :frowning:

I just spend 8 days snowboarding, thank you very much. But I can’t walk straight for a few days, if that can be a relief.

pom 0]

Wow jubba, you did have a bad few days :slight_smile: Welcome back pom! Phil really missed you lol!

no. next subject.

the calloused

lol thanks a lot phil!!

Sorry, but the last post was a little too random phor me. I was just giving you a hard time. Don’t take it personal. But do us all a phavor won’t you? Get it out of your system and kill somebody, hack their body into little peices and phlush it down the toilet. It werks fer me, should werk fer you too…

‘the therapist’

will do captain. I’m all done. No more depression for me. Its going to be a good month…my b-day is on St. Patricks day. So I’m gonna be doin good. thanks for your help…you’re the only therapist that i’ve talked to that has helped me :slight_smile:

In case I ferget then…Happy Prelated Birthday!
You know Im half Irish…

who rishes he was all irish

I’m a quarter Irish i think…something like that, it might be half…but thats the half that can hold the alcohol so I’m ok with it. the other half is half italian and half german…

Hmmm, 1/2 german and 1/2 italian. Thats almost an Axis powers personality,