Action script help plz

[COLOR=#003366]Hi, ive been following the 3d wheel turioal and its just what i want ive slighty edited it to suit what i need but i just cant seem to get other movie clips to go onto the wheel im pretty sure its to do with this line ( attachedObj = theScene.attachMovie(“pane2”, “pane2”+i, i);
) of code but dont quite know how to edit it can any one help plz?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#003366]// create a scene movieclip to contain all 3D elements
// and center it on the screen.
this.createEmptyMovieClip(“theScene”, 1);
theScene._x = 150;
theScene._y = 50;[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#003366]// now we’r going to create an array to keep track of all the
// objects in the scene. That way, to position all the objects
// you just need to loop through this array.
objectsInScene = new Array();[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#003366]// no camera, but a rotation will be needed to keep track of the
// spinning involved (though its the same as the camera)
spin = 0;[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#003366]// focal length to determine perspective scaling
focalLength = 250;[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#003366]// the function for controling the position of a friend
displayPane = function(){
var angle = this.angle - spin;
var x = Math.cos(angle)*this.radius;
var z = Math.sin(angle)*this.radius;
var y = this.y;

this._alpha = -z + 130;
var scaleRatio = focalLength/(focalLength + z);
this._x = x * scaleRatio;
this._y = y * scaleRatio;

this._xscale = this._yscale = 100 * scaleRatio;
// on top of the normal scaling, also squish the
// _xscale based on where in the rotation the pane is
// since you would be looking at its side when at a z
// of 0, it would be at its thinnest which would be
// 0 since its a completely flat pane. So for that,
// we can use the trig function of z (sin) to squish the
// _xscale based on its position in z.

// attach each pane in a loop and arrange them in a
// circle based on the circumference of the circle
// divided into steps
angleStep = 2*Math.PI/8;
for (i=0; i<8; i++){

attachedObj = theScene.attachMovie(“pane2”, “pane2”+i, i);
attachedObj.angle = angleStep * i;
attachedObj.radius = 80;
attachedObj.x = Math.cos(attachedObj.angle) * attachedObj.radius;
attachedObj.z = Math.sin(attachedObj.angle) * attachedObj.radius;
attachedObj.y = 100;
attachedObj.display = displayPane;

Many thanks Martin[/COLOR]