Action scripting problem

in this falsh file i have created three movie clips (cog1, cog2, and topBlock) a play button, and a close button. If you open up the movie clips, each of them have a labeled frame for “start” “open” and “close”. on “start” the object just sit there and do nothing. on “open” the cogs spin clockwise and the “topBlock” moves up. on “close” the cogs spin counter clockwise and the “topBlock” moves down. What i want to do is have the play button scripted so that when it is clicked the three movie clips (cog1 cog2 and topBlock) gotoAndPlay “open” and when the close button is clicked the they gotoAndPlay “close” . the only problem is that i’m kind of a newbie to this action scripting stuff and can’t figure out how to make this work. Here is the fla file. can anyone help me out?