A little help for a novice please

I have a movie 3 frames long.

Each frame contains a movie clip.

The movie ends on frame 3 at the end of its movie clip (which is what i want). What I would like to add in frame 3, at the end of the MC, is a button that takes the user back to frame 1 (not frame 1 of 3rd MC). I am a little uncertain of how to do this. I’ve tried labelling frame 1 ‘start’ and targeting the button to go there, but to no avail :frowning:

Anyone know how I can do this.

Thanks. :block:

have you tried _root.gotoAndStop(“start”)

If not can you post the fla so we can have a look cos I don’t really know what you mean

Sorry, I really am ‘the true beginer’

So would the action script applied to my button look something like this:

on (release_root.gotoAndStop(“start”)) {

This is what I’ve tried, but, it says there’s a scripting error in the out-put window.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

  • sean -

almost there, it should look as follows


that should sort it out, if you need any more help just let us know

Your suggestion worked perfectly!

on (release) {

I figured out the proper syntax—thank you for your help:}



Normally in flash files if you don’t put a stop at the end it automatically loops.So the point in your movie should be why is it not looping? post your fla and you should get a better answer.