Actions for attachMovie items

Hi all, I hope somebody can help me with this - I have a menu that dynamically generates Buttons.

The Code for this is

function attachMenu() {
for (i=0; i<rubrieken.length; i++) {
 blockItem = followMenu.blockHolder.attachMovie("block", "block"+i, 1000+i);
 blockItem._href = rubrieken*.attributes.href;
 blockItem.contentT = rubrieken*.attributes.naam;

This works perfectly. Then actions for the buttons are attached with:

blockItem.onRelease = function():Void {
  getURL(this._href, "_blank");

and the entries for that come from XML:

    <project naam="LABELNAME 1" image="" href=>
  <project naam="LABELNAME 2" image="" href="[[COLOR=#0066cc][/COLOR]]("/>
  <project naam="LABELNAME 3" image="" href="[[COLOR=#0066cc][/COLOR]]("/>

Works, too. Now I’m trying to submit different actions for the Buttons. Button 1 is supposed to open a website (like it does), while all other buttons should load an external SWF with loadMovieNum(this._href, 30);

So can anybody help me with this - I don’t know how to build a loop like

for button number 1 --> getURL(this._href, “_blank”);
for button number 2,3,4,5,6 --> loadMovieNum(this._href, 30);

Thanks for your help!