Actions + Layers + GoTo


I’m making a website in flash. And…
When the page is loaded I want something to move directly when it is loaded. And on this page I have a button and something is supposed to happen when u roll over it (so i have “gotoAndPlay()” action on that button) but to prevent that action from kicking in when the page is loaded I have “stop();” in Frame 1 of the page…

the problem now is…
I want that thing to move directly when the page is loaded but it cant cuz i have the “stop();” in frame 1… how can I make a tween in a layer loop by itself whatever actions are in other layers (such as “stop();” in this case which prevents the tween from starting)

god that was hard to explain… hope u understand it :slight_smile:

Well, IF i understood, put your tween into a movie clip, which you put on any layer in frame one, and it should play it’s own timeline?..

I’ll try and explain again… (gr8 to see that people want’s to help, thx)

Frame 1 In Layer “TextAlpha” should (I want it to) start directly when you load the movie.

But in another layer (“Actions”) I have “stop();” in Frame 1. So that prevents the TextAlpha layer to go off when the movie loads, cuz the first thing that happens is that the movie stops.

What I want is to make the TextAlpha layer “independent”… so that it plays without even thinking of “stop();” in another layer. To run it’s own race… if it’s possible, that is

place your tween into a movie clip and put the stop on frame 2.

Well no u cant have tha stop in frame1, b/c that stops tha whole movie.

Try haven on rollover tha button go to and play a certain layer, and on tha last frame of that layer, put an AS that sayz to loop tha frame, starting at a certain frame (which iz tha beginning of that layer)

I deno…maybe that helped…

problem solved, thanks