Getting the movie to stop on load

I’m creating a tutorial to teach the English alphabet. For each letter I have two movies. One shows how to write cursive and the other shows how to write block shape letters. I have a screen with two bottons; cursive and block. I want the two movies to load without playing (I have saved the movies as symbols BTW) and I want them to be invisible as well. I would like to have which ever frame the belongs to one of the button to become visible and play within the same frame whenever and as many times as the button is pressed.

Even though I have a “stop” in the actions layer, the movie still plays when the frame loads and Flash puts all the frames for the symbol movie in my time line instead of importing the movie as a symbol that fits in one frame.

I will appreciate any help with this.

Confused, sleepless ESL teacher :slight_smile:

you placed the stop() action on the movie time line inside the movie?
maybe you just put it on the main stage timeline :-\


Take the movie you have (of hte letter being written) and make it a movie clip symbol.

have 2 layers

layer 1=have a blank keyframe on frames 1 and 2

actionscript for frame 1 =stop();
nothing on frame 2

layer 2
==the actual movie that you want to play but make it start on frame 2. That way you have a “dead” frame that just sits there

to make it play use the actionscript:


Thank you so much. I did it and it works.