Actionscript development career.. not getting anywhere. Any advice?

[LEFT]Hey all.

Im posting here because im pretty much struggling to get help anywhere else. I can promise you i have tried to seek advice from everywhere. If you work in the industry full time and can offer some advice i would be really greatful. This may be a longish post so be warned!

In 2000 i picked up Flash 5 and enjoyed making experiments. Back then, there was loads of maths experiments and the like and i consider those the greatest days when it came to enjoyment.

What happened next was i went to uni specifically to work with flash based stuff but after getting through 2 years of uni we reached the pinnacle… TIMELINE TWEENING! I was angry, all i had done was go from a comfortable learning curve in my first language doing well, to falling behind massively in AS2.0… to the point that i lost the love.

No one at uni could help me with a career based on Flash. Career office nope and after a discussion with my tutor she basically said to me “Look, anyone can use flash, it means nothing”… That was when i decided enough was enough.I left in my final year and took up QA with Sony, i needed the money and im still in QA today although for mobile games now.

Back to point. Flash. Actionscript 3 is out and since last janurary i been studying when i can and relearning my tracks, some maths, looking at box2d, ape… just things that, as a hobbiest, take my interest at a given point in time.

The thing is, i strive to just get in the door of some place but i cant, more than anything i want to work with other developers. Infact, im prepared to move my girlfriend against her will to England if i can just find a role but i dont get anywhere. I dont even get a reply. Recruitment Agencies seem to have all the jobs and even when i dont ask about a role… but ask for some advice… i get blanked. No return emails.

There is a world where you people get paid to work with this technology and i cant find the door. Im hard working and the interest is there… i want to know as much as i can but there aint much more i can learn on my own.

Plumbers and tradesmen have apprentices, scientists and C++ programmers have dedicated university courses… There is just no way i can find to get into the industry regardless of what im prepared to sacrifice.

So can you tell me your biography. How did you pick up flash and how did you get places?

What should i do next? Given a brain full of actionscript how can i turn that into a job coz im out of puff on the matter.

Thanks for reading.