ActionScript File editor vs Actions Panel

Is anyone else just supremely annoyed they did this this way? By this I mean having the editing of an actionscript file take up the work area and ghost out the actionscript editor. If you’re working back and forth between fla and as, you’re jumping back and forth between two separate windows that are potentially the same thing. With one monitor, this is a pain in the arse too because you have to keep ditching and reviving the actionscript panel whenever you switch… and yet, its the SAME thing as the actionscript editor in the workspace :mad:

luckily the actionscript editor allows export. So, as an alternative, create an simple shape movieclip in your library (no linkage) and write scripts there to export out .as files with. Keep an instance on the screen handy in areas you are programming in so you can double click it to access your scripts. Just be sure you delete all instances before testing or publishing.