Actionscript/Gallery Help [Urgent?]

Hello fellow forum comrades. I’ve been working on this flash file for a while. It’s a website and I’ve gotten the majority of it completed, and what I thought was done, is now incorrect. I’ve attached the file via my personal web server so if you want to download it to take a look at it go ahead.

Here’s the problem:

If you go to frame 465, you’ll find on the gallery layer, that there is indeed a gallery. When you run the file as a .SWF and click on the “gallery” link, and move your arrow keys left and right, you find that if you hit the ‘left’ key right away, it jumps forward in the gallery. Also, if you go all the way to the right and the end of the gallery, then hold the left arrow key to go backwards, it stops before reaching the first thumbnail.

Any thoughts?

Also, if someone could tell me how to go about changing the links so that when you rollover them with the mouse, they change color, that would be awesome. I had tried the code for changing tint, but I could only get it to work for one rollover, not for all of the links that I have.