Actionscript Menu?

Good morning, everyone. I have a question about Actionscript in menus. Please take a look at this link: screenshots from extant Flash menu

Inside the iframes are two images from a Flash presentation for Arm & Hammer. I am doing something similar for them and need to duplicate, if possible, the menuing seen here. All I have is the SWF file, which I don’t want to put up on the web. For one thing it’s pretty big and I don’t want to make people sit through it just to get to the menu.

I think you can see what happens. The menu appears as a row of circles. When you mouse over the circles, they expand, and a submenu structure appears. In the example shown here, in Pic 2, I have put my cursor on the PRICING / SPEC SHEETS link. You can see that two sub menu choices appear – PRICING and SPECS. These are simply links to downloadable PDFs, no big deal.

No problem is in duplicating the menu functionality. How is this done? I assume it controlled by Actionscript, but since I do not have access to the FLA file I don’t know for sure. In any case, I am not skilled enough with Actionscript to be able to duplicate the effect, and the client really wants it. Can someone point me to a tutorial with which I can get something like done in short order?

Thanks for any help offered!

Al Sirois