Does anybody know how to do this

i like to know how this menu is done here if someone know where i can get a tutorial or know how to do it it sure would help

its the menu here

I don’t know how they did the menu thing but I got some cool downloads to look at, thanks!


looks like mad actionscripting skillz to me.

It’s simple stuff, really, except it’s done so perfect that I looks totally awesome. But it’s not mad actionscript at all, don’t worry.

The main idea is this : You have a background containing your menu. So far so good.
On top of that, you have 2 layers, one being the mask of the other : you menu again, masked by a rectangle that you can drag, so that you can see the menu only when your mouse is rolling over it. Makes any sense ?

I’l try and make an example for you (a tutorial, maybe ?)

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OK, here’s a very good example of how it works :…ndex.shtml
Not so easy though. If you have problems, post.
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Phirst aid phor phlash. Your so kind. Keep it up phather. Hey, wheres my light saber? I want one now.


Phanks, Fil
About that effect, I made something out of it. You can see it here :…2403.topic

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thanks for helping out