ActionScript newbie

Hey!! I’ve been using Flash 5 for a while, mastered basic tell target effects etc. How do I start learning ActionScript?? I know there are tutorials on this site, but can ne1, including kirupa (coz I’m the same age as you!!) tell me how they started learning to master ActionScript? \r\rThanx!!!\r

Hey pcj…lol I don’t see what being the same age as krupa has anything to do with the post, but oh well. One of the best places to get tutorials and learn actionscript is They have MANY tutorials all explaining basic stuff like variables to the most advanced actionscript code. I learned a lot there. Heh I’m still learning a lot though :slight_smile:

I picked it up at work. Got asked to make a game of some kind for 13 year olds using Flash and it went from there. For the first few months for every problem I solved two more appeared, but I guess that’s just programming for you. :slight_smile: \r\rI found a good book helps. Because if in doubt, you can always pick it up and throw it at something / someone / out the window / through your monitor.\r\r - Kit