ActionScript/PHP Flash Form....HELP!

man, jsut when you think you’ve got everything under control, another problem jumps up and bites you. Ok, I’ve made my form according to Senocular’s tutorial found here on Kirupa, except that I have some slight modifications. Instead of one input box, I have two: [firstName] and [lastName]. I have an input box for emails: [emailAddr], I have an input box for a message: [messageBox] and I have a combobox: [myComboBox]. Now the ActionScript that I am using to retrieve my combobox’s chosen label is this:

//emailForm is the name of my movieclip that contains my form elements.
emailForm.newvar = emailForm.myComboBox.getValue();

And I have that sitting in an on (press) script for my submit button so that it all comes together like this:

on (press) {
	emailForm.newvar = emailForm.myComboBox.getValue();
	emailForm.loadVariables("", "POST");

Then, the php form that I’m using is coded like so:

$sendTo  =  "[email protected]";
$subject  = "Project Request Form";
$headers  =  "From: " . $_POST["firstName"];
$headers  =  "From: " . $_POST["lastName"];
$headers .=  "<" .  $_POST["emailAddr"] . ">
$headers .=  "Reply-To: " .  $_POST["emailAddr"] . "
$headers .=  "Return-Path: " .  $_POST["emailAddr"];
$message .= "Project of Interest " . $_POST["newvar"] . "
$message  = "Message" . $_POST["messageBox"];
mail($sendTo,  $subject,  $message,  $headers);
echo "phpReturn = Sending data...please wait.";

Now I have my emailForm movieclip and submit button inside another movieclip named contactClip which is sittin on my main timeline. the problem that I’m having is that:

(a) When I click the submit button, it’s not collecting the variables and sending them along to my .php script (which I know is functioning, because when i access it directly through my browser, it sends me an empty email).

(b) How do I script the submit button to accept the echo that I have written into my .php file (By the way: forgot to mention that I do have an empty textarea in the contactClip to load in the echo from the .php file.). Any help that anyone might be able to offer would be great!!! :red: