Need Help - PHP in Flash

Need Help - PHP in Flash
Hey guys! Been stuck for weeks on making this PHP FLASH MAIL FORM and it’s driving me insane! I’m relatively new to this kind of stuff so bare with me. :blush:

First off, I’ve been mainly using this tutorial + resource to build a PHP Flash Form:…PHP/Page1.html

The Problem:
When the form is simplified to a mere: E-mail (From), Subject, Message… it works perfectly. But as soon as I add other variables (in to the PHP and Flash) such as… Full Name, Website, Contact Number… it doesn’t work! I’m stumped!

All I’m trying to create in this form is…
Full Name:
Your E-mail:
Your Website:
Contact Number:

PHP Codes:
mail(“[email protected]”, $subject, $message, $fullname, $yourwebsite, $contactnumber, “From: FrizzyCube_Booking
Reply-To: $from
X-Mailer: PHP/” . phpversion());

Actionscript on the first frame (This was revised in suggestion that the prior code was old):
[LEFT]stop ();
function lineAdapt()
message_send = message;
while (msg_count == msg_count + 1)
if ((substring(message_send, msg_count, 2)) == “\r”)
message_send = (substring(message_send, 1, msg_count - 2)) + "
" + (substring(message_send, msg_count + 2, (length(message_send)) - msg_count + 2));
message = message_send;
delete msg_count;
delete message_send;

**Submit Button Actionscript **(This was revised in suggestion that the prior code was old):
[LEFT]on (release)
if ((from == “”) || (subject == “”) || (message == “”) || (fullname == “”) || (contactnumber == “”) || (yourwebsite == “”))
loadVariablesNum(“mailing.php3”, 0, “POST”);

is have almost the same problem, but mine is at a lower level… i mean it don’t works at all…

i have some input textfields with the variables: “nume”, “mess” and “rasa”
and in php i have:
$sql=“insert into participanti(nume,mess,rasa) values(’”.$nume."’,’".$mess."’,’".$rasa."’)";

and it inserts empty fileds in the database
i made it from a tutorial… :hurt:

i cant belive it works…
so… the solution:

you just have to modify in the php code (becose that tut was made for php3)
$to = escapeshellcmd($to); with $_POST[‘to’] = escapeshellcmd($_POST[‘to’]); and so on to all variables