ActionScript Text Animation

Okay I am working with the tutorial for Text Animation (by J.E. aka IamNot Jubba) that is here
I am trying to adjust the kerning for the text that I am using and I cannot get it to look good. It is either too close together or spaced wierd and too far apart.
I did change the font from courier to futura md (bolded) and I am thinking that is making the difference.
Is there anything I can do to get the kerning adjusted so it looks ok??
Please help :beam:

That tutorial has been wrtten for monospaced text. What you could do, which just adds to the difficulty of things, is make each letter individually beforehand and base position to be the position of the previous character plus its width (which would be the width of the actual character and not the same value for all) or add a variable to each character representing its text width which you would manually specify rather than manually making all the characters yourself. This of course is basically doing the same as the previous but just using code instead of including each character by hand.

Alternatively, MX does include a new textfield property called textWidth that will let you see how wide your text is within the textfield. This way, you can base each following letter off of the previous letters position plus the previous letter’s textWidth within the textbox. This is similar to the 2nd manual suggestion above, just using the in-build property instead of stating your own.

ex: (I dont know how close this is to the tutorial but its atleast something to workfrom)

phrase = "With this I space my text appropriately";
// loop through characters of the text
for (i = 0; i < phrase.length; i++){
	// define position, if i is not 0, then its based on the last character
	// (still stored in char) position plus its textWidth, otherwise 50
	position_x = (i) ? char._x + char.textWidth : 50;
	// create the new textField with assigned position_x
	this.createTextField("character"+i, i, position_x, 100, 40, 40);
	// store the field in a variable 'char'
	char = this["character"+i];
	// set its text to the correct phrase character
	char.text = phrase.charAt(i);

I thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question.
I should have had a big red flag stating that I am an ActionScript newbie and am really struggling to understand this. (Right now am getting all my info from the Flash Help sections and sites like
So, I am not too sure how to implement this code you so kindly gave me. At this point, I am mainly using tutorials and downloading the sources, trying to pick them apart and see if I can understand what the :evil: hell is going on. L
Do I need to show the code I have in there in order for you to tell me how to use what you have provided?
Thanks :cyborg:

no problem :slight_smile:

what do you have and how much do you understand?

Okay well what I have is the final source that I downloaded at the end of the tutorial. I started out trying to do it step by step on my own but was doing something wrong, so when I saw the final source I just used that and changed the text and font.
I understand the first set of script (on first frame), although I doubt I could just go in and write it on my own. He or she also explains it at the end of the tutorial.
The code that is in frame 3 I really get pretty lost on.
The point I am at is trying to understand what each symbol and each piece of code means and how to make it work together.
I am a designer who is trying to learn the developement side on my own and I don’t spend as much time on it as I would like to. I do mainly desktop publishing so I don’t have a programming background to stand on. Just a strong interest and a determination that eventually I will get this.
Okay I have a tendancy to give to much info (-: :wink:
So here is what I have

ooo no that wasnt too much info - it was nice to hear your background… you crazy ambitious designers who are trying to take away my job :wink: Good to hear you’re trying to learn though!

… im gonna re-write everything to be more MX like though
so you might have to give me alittle time (this between my work too) :wink:

Well you have the crazy part right :crazy:
Ambitious…could be debatable…:wink:
You are awesome for being so helpful…

ok everything is commented in the fla… if you have any questions let me know. I tried to use clear variable names. So it should be pretty easy to follow along.

Note: there are two locations of meaningful script (well the stop at the end of the animation is meaningful but less important ;)) one location is ON the phrase clips. You’ll see them when you open the fla. The other is IN that clip - which is the same clip for both since they are both instances of the same. I think you’ll get it though. Again, Q’s, post them here.

oh yeah, I meant to mention, if you arent very familiar with setInterval, you might be able to understand it a little better HERE.

ok I am in process of trying to “get it”
The actions on the clip are pretty easy to understand (thanks to your setInterval explanation) it’s the ones in the clips which I will challenge me. :geek:
anyway here I go (-: