ActionScript Tutorials Question

Is there any ActionScript tutorial out there that shows you step by step (in language simple people can understand …lol) how to load a movie within a movie? Possibly how to loop it back to the orginal movie once completed.

I have read a lot of what would appear to be a tutorial, but all it does is explain the leveling, or explain the code … what I am looking for is something that says, “Step 1 … enter this, Step 2 … go here”

Oh I am using Flash MX.

VixenLady … who is trying to learn this but is at a standstill

Well… I don’t have MX… but I can explain things pretty simply in a Flash 5.0 method which should work fine in Flash MX.

Can you give me a hint as to how experienced you are with a/s?

have you created buttons and attached a/s code to them?

how about a/s code attached to movie clips?

Okay, I have a flash file, with four images that I want to link to external flash files. I am linking them out, to keep the file size down, and therefore quicker load time. After the user clicks the image, I want it to load the movie, then after the movie is complete, return back to the LAST frame of the first movie. Then the user could click on another image and view the movie loaded from that image.

My experience is very limited with a/s, and that is why I would like to be walked through step by step, so I understand the process and can duplicate/modify it.

Thanks again,
Vixie … who is a newbie to all this stuff

Here is the flash url (although it still needs so much work), so you can get an idea of what it is I want to accomplish:

Well, there’s a tutorial about loadMovie and loadMovieNum on this site, under the name loading techniques, you can find them by browsing the tutes.

pom :asian:

I appreciate the suggestion, and have read BOTH tutorials, and while it does a great job of explaining what the codes mean, it does not tell a user how to apply them - or maybe I just missed it.

Anyways, thanks again,
Vixie … who is at a total standstill because of my lack of knowledge

What I would do :
So you have your buttons, right ? You label this position in your movie “start” and you put a stop there. Then after this position, make a nice transition, and when it’s done, put an empty clip that you instance name empty, and put in the frame actions :

stop ();
loadMovie (movie,empty) ;

Or something like that. You want to load the movie movie in the clip empty.

Then, in your buttons, you have to make them play the transition, and load the right movie. So for the movie firstMovie, the code will be ;
movie = "firstMovie.swf" ;

Does this make sense to you ?

pom :asian:

Forgot to say : at the end of your movies, you’ll have to put


pom :asian:

I am trying to understand, but maybe it is because I am a newbie at this … but I am already lost :frowning:


It’s just hard to explain. I’ll try to make an example for you.

pom :asian:

I hope this is understandable. If you have any trouble, just post.

pom :asian: