ActionScripting and Text Input Fields

I have Flash MX and am creating a Learning Object in which on frame 1 I have a text box for people to type in a response to a question. I have set Var = input1. Then, I have a button that would be pressed (instance name of enter_btn) to continue on to the next frame. On that next frame (frame 2), I would like to have a dynamic text field with Var = output1 in which the movie would show the response from the previous frame that the user inputted into the text field. My ActionScript code in my “actions” layer for frame 1 is:

enter_btn.onRelease = function() {
output1 = input1;

When I push my button to advance and stop on the next frame, I am not seeing the inputted text that I entered into the text field from frame 1. I may have just realized my own mistake, but should I put this ActionScript code within frame 2 instead of frame 1? Or, is there more code I need to add? If so, what would that be?