ActiveX problem... Major problem

For some reason when i open my web pages, I get an error saying “An ActiveX component on this page encountered an internal error. It will not display with an accurate preview picture.” And when I get to my page, everything that had to do with flash is now totally wack. You cant even tell what the flash stuff is. I just recently updated to Flash MX… could that be a problem?\rThanks

I have the same problem, after I updated to flash MX\rand macromedia flash player 6.0. I think it’s the flash player 6.0 that is the problem. can i uninstall flash player 6.0 and install 5.0?\rI try uninstall flash MX but it’s doesn’t work.\rI get the same error.

P.S.\rIt’s worked before with flash 5 “no error”\r\rplease help

Hey morgan & holberg,\rMaybe some program overwrote your Flash.OCX file. When I installed Flix 2.1, I started receiving these errors when ever I opened a page containing a Flash animation in FrontPage. Download the Player from here:…kwaveFlash