Actual Mugshot

Meet Chris Kemp. The 37-year-old Oregon man was arrested for burglary the day after Christmas. He was found in a stranger’s home wearing the clothes of the occupant’s mother.


**** he’s ugly…

I’m dressing as him next Halloween!! I CALL DIBS ON IT!

Whoa man … check out the 9 inch forehead on that bastard.
Not even a mother could love that face - eww!

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**I’m dressing as him next Halloween!! I CALL DIBS ON IT!


meh my costume will still be scarier, i am dressing up as michael jackson

get this…

the scratches on his rather large forehead were not incurred while being arrested. that’s right, he already had those, before he decided to break in and wear your momma’s dress…

I gotta love my home state…


lift up the reciever he’ll make you a believer. Thats the best picture i’ve ever seen.

wow, that’s pretty… ummmm sick. ewww :shivers:

after a few brews you’ll do whatever it takes, to be a celebrat-tat-y.

hey come on guys…dont play wid his pic, he’s already very ugly :stuck_out_tongue:
i wonder how he got scratches allover his face in the first place, any info on that rev?

I think barge improved on the guy’s face really…

talk about cat scratch fever.

Imagine the huge brain this guy has! :huh:

Are you thinking what Im thinking?

Who me? I don’t know, I was thinking about those Mars Attacks guys:

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** **

you thik he kut him self shaving?


Ah, riiight… :wink: lol


“to rule to world” ? :stuck_out_tongue:

go to bed T-O :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I was refuring to senocular’s post those two mice are always tying to take over the world.

There stimpie and the brain. :stuck_out_tongue:

To RULE THEm ALL:thumb: