AddChild, Remove Child, then adding again issue!

.I am using addChild and removeChild. I have two main movieclips that this is based around. workss_mc and work_mc. workss_mc is the slideshow, work_mc is the selection grid. When you click on an object in work_mc I am adding adding a child (workss_mc) and removing work_mc at the same time. That works fine; however, in workss_mc I have a back button, this back button is used to remove works_mc once it is removed it sends you back to work_mc. Once you are back on work_mc everything should work completely the same, however, it’s like it’s ignoring the code.

Does anyone have any idea why?

Here is the code for the button and Back button

backss_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, backssClicked);
function backssClicked(event:MouseEvent) {
	var work_mc = new mc_work();

urbanthmb_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandler);
function clickHandler(event:Event) {
	var workss_mc = new mc_workss();
	var work_mc = new mc_work();
	myParent.addChild(workss_mc); // we use that stage reference here
	myParent.removeChild(myParent.work_mc); // and here.
	workss_mc.x = 225;
	workss_mc.y = 200;
	trace("I heard the event MouseEvent.CLICK");

The “back” button code is in workss_mc. The “button” code is in work_mc The purpose of the “back” button is to remove workss_mc off the stage.(ss for slideshow, ie workslideshow_mc)

The button code is in work_mc

to show you what is going on here..


click work > click top left button(urbanflats) > click back > click top left button (urbanflats) again. You will notice that it is not aligning properly and the code for the buttons is disabled..Could this be a possible scope issue, I’m pretty puzzled here..