Adding a Dynamic preloader to the Kirupa example

Hi all

This question is in reference to Claudio’s - Preloader and Transition for Dynamic files, which can be found here

I was just wondering would it be also possible to add an accurate preloaded that would tell you how much of the movie is loaded. If so then how would you implement this. I am a complete newbie to flash so any help would be most kind



ok, this is what I spent a week looking for and trying to creat.

I have a problem with the loader though. I often just get an “a” in th “% text feild” and the loarBar does not move at all. What causes this and what is a good fix?

Also why is the preloader an emptymovie clip?

well what I would do is to look at claudios example of the loader bar and percentage elements he added in is example update

and just check that your instances are named correctly and the new action code is added too. What you could also try is to use claudios library elements (they maybe not what you are looking for but you can always modify to your specification).