Adding hyperlink increases flash size 4x


I have a strange problem. I have spent a few hours creating a highly optimized animated menu bar…spent hours to make it 8Kb size! :emb:

Well, the last step was to add hyperlinks. As soon as I add a single link, size jumps to 26K ! Even after removing the link, size stays at 26K. Only way to go back to 8k is to close the file, and reopen the previous copy. I did a bunch of googling but couldn’t find anything.

I add a hyperlink by just entering text in the “link” section of the property panel when u select a text.

I would do it in AS, however I am trying to make the flash file SEO friendly and thought maybe the AS approach will make it difficult for search bots to index.

Whats going on?


PS - I’m using CS4