Adding multiple QR codes for print

Hi all,

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

I would like to add multiple QR codes to a movieclip for printing.
The number in the QR increments by 1

I am using this class:

The QR encoding works but my problem is in adding children and positioning them.

The important part of the code is this:


            var arrQR:Array = new Array(); 

            for(var qr:int = 1; qr <= intQRcount ; qr++){
                var QR:QRCode = new QRCode();
                var bmpQRcode:Bitmap = new Bitmap(QR.bitmapData);
                arrQR[qr] = bmpQRcode;
                //set size
                arrQR[qr].width = 50;
                arrQR[qr].height = 50;
                // set x 
                arrQR[qr].x = qr * intXmultiplier * intXSpacing;
               // set y

            }    //end for[/code]

The problem is that I end up with only one QR code, so something must be wrong when adding them as children.
I would like to add generate each code and set the position after that.

How can I add multiple codes and set the position of properties individually ?

Thanks in advance !