Adding Preloader graphic to movieclip transition

Hi Folks,

I have a Flash movie where, when you click on one of the buttons, a transition movieclip plays over the top of the currently playing movie. When the transition movieclip finishes playing, the new movieclip (for the button you pressed) is now playing in the middle of the screen instead. Confused? Here’s the link to the short tutorial/example on this site:

This script is almost perfect for what I want, except, instead of the simple “loading graphic” in the middle of the transition, I would rather have a loading graphic with a percentage indicator and “amount loaded” bar/graphic too.

Here’s my attempt at trying to combine the script above with another standard preloader used in the past:

Can somebody show me how to do this. Maybe I need to be passing global variables back in the “content” actions?

Any help is very much appreciated!