Adding & removing items from a list box

Hi - I am attempting to add and/or remove the selected item in a list box with a remove button. Does anyone know how to target the selected item and remove it?

I am going off of the tutorial from - advanced Flash MX tutorials - create a list box.

If someone can help, that would be awesome.

It’s written in the AS dictionary:

FListBox.removeItemAt (index)

pom :slight_smile:

I appreciate that - thank you. If you wouldn’t mind checking out this one last question, that would be very cool:

list.removeItemAt (index) <-- how can I set this parameter so that it only deletes the item selected? I understand that I can place an integer (say 4) there, but then it only deletes whatever is in place 4. What if the 3rd place were highlighted? Is there a way that (without changing the button for each place) I can modify this script so that the paramter slot will understand that it is supposed to delete place 3?

I really appreciate you reading this whole thing - thank you once again.