Deleting the selected item in a listbox

list.removeItemAt () <-- how can I set this parameter so that it only deletes the selected item? I understand that I can place an integer (say 4) there, but then it only deletes whatever is in place 4. What if the 3rd place were highlighted?

Is there a way that I can modify this script so that the parameter slot will understand that it is supposed to delete place 3 (or 2 or 12)?

I really appreciate you reading this whole thing - thank you -


This is not difficult at all… just add the following code to your change handler (the name of my change handler is OnChange)


Hope that answers your question.

this worked (but only when we clicked the button, then selected the item):


unfortunately, what we are trying to do is select the item, and then click the remove button -

I appreciate your time on this :-\ if you have any advice, I would be most grateful -

Thank you -

no problem… forget the OnChange event.

I named my listbox instance “mybox”

I created a button and attached the following code to the button:


there you go…!

that really does work!