I have a form which has input text fields as well as combobox components. In an effort to pass the form result to a php script I’ve made dynamic text boxes in the ammount of the comboboxes. I’ve made it so that the values of the comboboxes are displayed in the dynamic text fields (which are displayed off the stage) but it will not update when the combobox value is changed.

If i have a combobox for the users gender with options of (Please Select…, Male, Female, Undefined) when I test the movie, in the dynamic text field “Please Select…” is displayed. But if I choose and option let’s say “Male” the dynamic text box is not updated accordingly.

Can someone please tell me what to add to my actionscript to have the addListener repeat the listening process so that it will be constantly updated?

My script is as follows:


this.form.genderholderbox.text = this.form.comboboxgender.value

The only way I can get it to update is to make the form 3frames and have the first 2 frames loop. But this approach causes the submit button on the form to not function properly. I’ve used the flash & PHP form tutorial. So when the submit button is released flash posts the data, and executes the script:


With the first 2 frames looping, it doesn’t function correctly. I’ve tried changing the “_root.nextFrame()” to "gotoAndStop(“thankyoumsg”); but that doesn’t work.

Here’s a link to the tutorial

Thanx in advance.