Adobe Brackets - A new easy way to convert PSD to HTML

Hi there,

Recently got checked the new code editor from Adobe called Brackets. Here I am sharing you some of the best features that come up with Adobe Brackets. Converting a PSD design to HTML is now more easy with Adobe’s brackets. I have recently posted to the about this. I am sharing the link with you. This is my first blog post, please read and comment your thoughts.

Nice job! Some minor things you can work on would be:

  1. Adjusting your font styles a bit to emphasize the different types of content. For example, your image caption doesn’t need to be in the same font as the rest of your body…unless you feel it is equally important

  2. Your code snippets should be a different style/color. My favorite solution is

  3. You don’t need to provide large screenshots some of the steps. A cropped version of just the area in focus would be better.


I found this article very usful for those who are interested in the process of converting psd files to html.
Follow this link: