Adobe CS4 on

Sup yall!!

Adobe have put up the CS4 suite details on their website. Go check it out!!

One thing I didn’t even think about was new Illustrator cs4, Illustrator cs3 is a program I use everyday side by side with flash/photoshop… so to see some of the new features AI cs4 will have is great news.

  • transparency in gradients
  • live adjustments of gradients (angle, length // as in flash)
  • In-panel appearance editing (huge for me, i use this pallette all the time)
  • Multiple artboards!! (looks like a awesome way to present concept artwork to clients, saves me from taking them into photoshop or creating a master doc for all concepts.)

Big day for designers/developers tomorrow, adobe will be announcing cs4 with more detailed info on what we should be looking forward to!! :beam:

I can’t wait :thumb: