Adobe Flash like games for web

Is there the best js game engine to creat highly interactive games in the browser?
I only found pixijs but I am in sure if it’s good.

Phaser is pretty good! Combining Phaser with a bit of ThreeJS may be your ticket here.

Can you use typescript with it? Is phaser still being developed? Their site looks outdated. Their last post is from 2015!

Phaser is still actively being developed. This is their latest change post from a few days ago: Phaser v3.90 Technical Preview 1 - Phaser

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Wow nice :+1: thanks

when should I consider phaser verses Godot / Unity? Thanks for the IDX Invite Btw @kirupa!!!

It depends on the kind of game you are building and how much effort you want to spend in learning a new gaming engine. I would start with Phaser. If you find that Phaser is too limiting, then jumping to Unity’s web solutions would be a good next step.

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