Adobe: intel mac support?

Can someone please tell me if I interpreted this correctly-

I recently purchased an intel iMac and adobe design bundle (doesnt come in till tomorrow). The bundle is made for mac, and so it uses rosetta to run, which is inbuilt into OSX (correct?). Now from what I understand of the above document, Adobe won’t be releasing ‘universal’ updates of Creative suite 2 and flash. Instead, they’ll be updating it in the next product release (cs3?). Does that mean that the software I purchased, will not be updated and will always be designed for PowerPC processors (therefore never running at full capacity on my intel-based machine)?

yes as far as i know adobe wont release anything that will run natively on intel macs until the next major release. ive also read that adobe apps run 1/2 as fast on rosetta than they do on a power pc mac…

Yeah, that’s a huge bummer. When I first heard that I couldn’t believe it. Seems rather unfair of Adobe to force people to have to buy a whole new bundle instead of releasing an update or something. But then again, I don’t have a clue what goes into getting it to work correctly on an intel mac.

I suppose if it came down to it, there’s always Bootcamp :-/


sigh well, the upside is I can purchase the upgrade versions later on for a much lower price (assuming I can upgrade to an intel-native bundle). Would it be that noticable with 1.5gb of ram (I know, that isnt that much, but its the most ive ever had)?

thanks for the reply ;(

My apple reps tell me that it shouldn’t be noticable to most users. They said it’s comprable to a low end g5, but the average user won’t know the difference… especially if you’ve never used a Mac b4 and have nothing to compare it to :wink:

I’ve run PSCS2 on an older G4 and I didn’t notice much of a slow down, except when opening documents and perhaps filters… but then again… I work in extremely large documents, and it had a low amount of ram.

Shame, I thought Adobe would be straight on the bandwagon…maybe it requires them to do to much work to port it to the intel basd machines?? I don’t know much about it but they must have a pretty good reason…and CS3can’t be that far away surely.

Are they gonna be releasing the next version of flash etc when CS3 comes out?? - if so it may be a while, or not much of an upgrade only thing I can think of is flash with AS3, integration with PS, AE etc would be pretty cool.

Adobe is on the bandwagon, but they have to completely rewrite their coding structure, and they forgot to get the EZ button from Staples

Personally I’m against anymore integration of PS to Flash, tryin to make one app do everything is gonna make it much worse, IMO. I once tried to turn my car into a grill, drive it, and live in it all at once. But I found that the steaks never turned out as good tasting, and it was hard to have party’s in my car.