Adobe Photoshop and Flash DONT mix

I download the photo gallery .fla file and all of the images in there and it works fine. The image names in the downloadable tutorial are image0, image1, image2, etc…

Here was the problem. Lets say I have other pics I want to load, so I change the name of the pics I want to image0, image1, image2, etc. I did all image editing in photoshop and saved them as jpegs. Then I go and put these pics in the SAME folder that the donwloaded pics are in from the tutorial as to replace the pics I downloaded from the tutorial in the animation folder.

When I go to preview the movie, nothing is showing up…Nothing has changed, I just replaced the pics that the tutorial gives us with new pics BUT I keep the names the same…so everything should work right? What was happening?

well, when I did the exact same image editing in firworks and exported them out as jpegs, sure enough they show up in flash. Its like photoshop puts some stuff on there so flash cant use them or something or fireworks does so flash can use them.

I dont know, do you?