Adobe Running Out of Creative for their Suites?

As a lover of colour I have to say first that I’m excited by the launch of Kuler by Adobe. It is great to see this creative giant take a step towards supporting the very core of almost any creative project… Colour.

I think their palette creation tool is very handy and I love how they have built in all the actual colour theories into the tool, like complementary and Analogous, Etc.

With that being said I was also pretty disappointed when I saw the site…

My first reaction was wow this is kool… second reaction was… wow! This is a lot like COLOURlovers!

COLOURlovers has been about:
“providing its audience with colour (color) inspiration & information. it’s purpose is to allow creative individuals to share colours & palettes they love as well as submit news and comments for others to read. the COLOURlovers community is regularly updated with current color trends & news articles along with interviews with top creative professionals. It is a international collection of colour lovers. a visual inspiration site, where you can find, rate, review and love colours.”

Basically… a color community where users create color palettes, share them with others and talk about what they like and or dislike…

"allows users to quickly create harmonious color themes based on predefined color formulas, or by mixing their own color themes using an interactive color wheel. Color themes can be created in multiple colorspaces including RGB, CMYK and LAB. Themes can be tagged, shared and commented on. Users can search the kuler online community for top rated colors, or search for schemes by tag word or date created…“

Basically… making another wheel.

Allows users to create 5 colour palettes.
Allows users to tag, comment & rate those palettes.
Allows users to see what is the new, top rated and popular palettes.

Exactly the same.

As for actual site design choices:

Here are the two sites colours on top of each other… First then

And the links page felt like a bit of a slap in the face when I finally got to it… The sites listed are great colour resources and I’ve visited them before… but where is the link to COLOURlovers? I have to believe there was some inspiration from COLOURlovers in Kuler… but no link or love…

I suppose “Copying is Still the Sincerest Form of Flattery” and how cool is that to be complimented by a billion dollar creative company?

P.S… I hand built the current version of two years ago… before I thought it would need to handle the amount of traffic it gets… hence why the site lags all the time.

You would have thought that would have been one thing Adobe might not have borrowed from COLOURlovers. :wink:

P.S.S… Don’t forget the new much bigger and better version of launches Nov. 25th, so if you’re in the Portland, OR area join us at the launch event: