Advanced Hit Test/2 mc`s only visible shapes

Does anybody know a solution for testing the collision of two shapes where only the visible shapes not their border rectangle count???

syntax for hittest is


in the first case, the shapeFlag is a boolean value indicating whether the collision test should detect against the bounding box (false) or the shape (true).

So… the shape based hit test can only be used to see if a movie clip’s shape hits an x/y location on the field… not to test if it hits another movie clip’s border.

hope that helps

Yes i know that. I hoped that somebody has a clever solution.

As far as i am now i have a ship wich stores it`s coordinats
and the border (onemc/visibleplaces) checks the collision.

now i`m trying to make something like a bitmap array of different “sensible” places on the ship.

so i can check in a loop the different points (ships sensible points)
whenever the ship moves. (works 50% at the time)