Advanced hitTestPoint()

I’m using a combination of bitmapdata rendering, box2d, and a custom Camera object. This is making hitTestPoint() extremely difficult to manage.

ASDocs doesnt give very much information when dealing with localToGlobabl or globalToLocal and the whole coordinate space conversion hurts my brain. I also read in some blog post that in order for hitTestPoint() to work the object needs to be added to the stage(which doesnt happen in my game as I’m rendering with bmd) but I couldn’t find an official word on this and I don’t think it’s true because hitTestObject() works fine. In fact hitTestPoint() works if I have the shape flag set to false.

I guess what I’m asking is for some insight into how hitTestPoint() works, have you guys had similar problems? How do you wrap your head around localToGlobal/globalToLocal? Examples you guys have used? Possible alternatives?