Advanced level script

I need help with a script. Heres the situation:
I want to be able to ALWAYS LOAD AN EXTERNAL SWF ONE LEVEL ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE. The external swfs i am loading cover the entire main stage when loaded, so you can’t see anything that was on the root level. I have 5 main buttons on my main swf, so I cannot assign each external swf its own level to be loaded into.

example: first.swf - load into _level1
second.swf - load into _level2
third.swf - load into _level3
THIS WILL NOT WORK. because if someone is in “second.swf” and they click on the “first.swf” button, it will load into _level1 which is behind the level they are on, and you will not see it.

So basicaly I want a script that will load a movie into _level1+i when i=1
so it always loads into a level higher than the current one. That way the swfs just keep stacking on each other.
The reason I want it like this is because for each external swf i have a preload scene that i want to layer ontop of what ever is currently on the stage.

example: On the stage you are looking at the loaded swf “first.swf”.
you click the button “second”. “second.swf” begins to load and you see the preload bar ontop of “first.swf” then when “second.swf” is completely loaded it covers the stage and it is all you see.
Therfore i cannot load second.swf into the same level as first.swf or else you will not see the preload bar of second.swf ontop of first.swf.

HOW CAN THIS BE DONE? i have looked everywhere.
to see what I am doing goto: