Advanced masking

Hey des anywhere know where I can find a advanced masking tutorial?? I want to learn how to achieve almost the same masking effect that is shown here. Or if anyoone has a .fla I can study I would appreciate that too

what masking effect?

You see how the lines seem to spread across the screen when you mouseover the buttons at the bottom…also when the loading sequence begins in th beginning of the site. They seem to like spred out…I am assuming that is a mask if not how did they do it.

its seems like its just masking within a Movieclip and then on rollover you would use tell target…its simple, just fancy…

I have been trying to reproduce this for quite sometime…It does not seem simple to me…Do you know where I can get a tut or a fla…I just need a little kick start then maybe I’ll get it

Jubby’s right. No masking there. The trick is that you have to be able to design the darn clip. And I don’t think there are many design tutorials on the net (too bad by the way).

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yeah, it is just tweening and animation. The problem with creating design tutorials is that there is nothing really to teach the user. A design is something that you will eventually learn by trial and error. The design tutorial will be helpful for teaching only that design another design that another designer such as Eric Jordan might use. Instead of teaching the Flasher to Flash so “he can Flash for life”, you are pre-cooking the Flash, setting the table, and providing the date for the dinner (provided you enjoy eating Flash…which is really strange haha).

A design tutorial is complicated because it funnels a learners imagination into that single-lane path (gives them Flash instead of teaching Flash). It is easier, in my opinion, to provide tutorials on ensuring that the user knows how to go about creating the design. That is one of my biggest gripes about books such as Flash Web Design, etc. The designs are great, but you would basically be ripping of someone’s design if you use those examples in your own site. That might help provide some insight on why design tutorials are rarely ever found with the exception of promoting your own design as is the case with Juxt’s deConstruction, Curtis’s Flash Web Design, etc.

You’re right, Kir.
Anyway, about your question, if you know how to put strange forms in a movie clip, and if you know how to do the advanced rollover tutorial, then there’s nothing can stop you.

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Thanks guys that was very well put and it inspired me to keep chugging at it and I did (I think) find my own way of doing it. I will share it when it is finally finished…Oh by the way thanks to everybody on this board you (pom, ilya, upuat, rennaisance girl, jubba…just to name a few) guys helped me get and finish my first multimedia cd (and I got paid $$$$ WOOHOO). The insight and direction you shared with me is invaluable and is very much appreciated THANKS…(I will think of you guys while I spend the money :slight_smile: )

you could think of us while you mailed us a percentage…:lol: just an idea :wink:

Well i know you can do it with motion tweening…

but i did just tried masking and it works fine…

All those lines seem to just circles, lines, curves put together… and there a black fill in, in the background which is masked…

But thats me… :slight_smile: