Advanced Masking?


I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for advanced masking? I’m trying to duplicate a popular effect that I see a lot and even on your website. At one time you had a masking effect on your site that had 3 layered windows that seemed to be the Microsoft Windows look. You had a mountain picture in the top window and it moved up and down and back in forth inside the window. I assumed it was a masking effect but I have been unable to reproduce it. I’m a novice but I thought I would be able to duplicate it.

Thanks for any help.


Hello Andrew,
That effect is quite simple actually. What I did, was create the movement of the mountains in a separate movie clip that looped continuously. I then dragged the movie clip from the library onto the stage to…let’s say, Layer 3.

In Layer 2 (directly above Layer 3), I inserted a square with no border. I made sure the square would be positioned directly above the movie clip. I right clicked on Layer 2 and selected Mask to mask the shape. In Layers 4 and 5, I just added random shapes, etc. You can try to emulate a similar effect for Flash 5 from this tutorial:…asking.asp

Hey thanks for the help. Making the motion a seperate movie clip is what was escaping me.

I really liked that mountain animation.


The motion animation is the same as moving text around on a screen. Except, the text is an image. First, create a keyframe with the mountain image. Then insert another keyframe on Frame 20 (or whichever frame). Move the image over a little bit. Now tween Frames 1 through 20. The image of the mountain will move a little bit. You can repeat the animating by inerting, moving, and tweening more frames.