Advanced PHP Programmer Needed

Hello Gurus! We have been working on a quote service project titled The Merchant Account Explorer. Our PHP programmer has disappeared and we have tried desperately to get ahold of him to no avail. There are a few pending details and I am looking for someone to finish it up!

I’m going to be brief because there is too much to say and I would prefer to explain all the details over skype or in email.

Basically we process a form for people looking for a merchant account for their business and send it out to various merchant account providers. There are a lot of other processes such as tracking that has to be synchronized with the form. Each “lead” is registered in our admin control panel where we can view them, edit them, and/or register them as sales. This is all currently functional 100%.

We are keen on running tests of our landing page, and our form page to see how they match up and what kind of conversion rate we get. We currently have a landing page with a link to the “form page”. As the designer and html developer, I have designed a landing page which includes a short version of this form on the same page and we would like to run this form as well as the longer form to monitor performance.

I am looking for someone who will get the short form working, (it excludes several questions) and to be able to toggle between the short form and the long form. You would have to look at what is already done and assess the project and quote me. According to me it should not be more than a few hours work because the infrastructure is already complete, classes already written, etc. but that can only be measured by the person in charge.

We have a short deadline (max 4-5 days)

My email is [email protected] if you are interested.

Only advanced PHP programmers please.

Have a nice day!