Advanced Preloader

I have a logo, that i want to fill with white as the progress of the preloader…

like as it loads it filles vertically with white.

Is there a tutorial on this or how is it done?

basically you have two images, one filled and one NOT filled…
apply a mask on the one filled and tell that mask to go up according to the percentage loaded…

ill post something here if you want…

Yes, please do.

here, done somethin that should work…

look at the fla, all i did was basically play around with the mask position

<embed src= height=300 width=400 type=application/x-shockwave-flash>

here’s the fla
(rightclick and save link target as)

holy ****, your good man.

did you understand the script ??

yea mlk that is cool

No i didn’t undestand the script and i don’t even know what to do :confused:

I want a tutorial or somethjing :smiley: