How to fill this letters as a preloader?

here is the text.

how to fill the letters with black colour starting from the bottom, as a preloader of the intro and stuffs… any ideas?

Go to the preloaders fla on Senocular’s website:

click here

There are actually a few of them there so be sure to click the green arrow on the first example there. Go to the last one - the ball filling with liquid. That is the one closest to what you want.


well the water filling one is the effect that i want. i know how to make that effect but how to code it. thats the problem im having. how to move the filling thingy accordin to the loadin progress

Check the code behind that fla.

when i use that codin also its not workin :frowning: can anyone help me with it

cant u use a simple masking and manipulate the masks _yscale property in relation to the number of bytes loaded or percentage loaded??

its just a basic bar preloader but the bar is actually a mask which is masking your text…
easy as pie… mmmm… pie…


ok let me try, but im not good in action scirpts thats the problem :frowning:

i have a problem in this part. can anyone tell me what is the problem i have in here. cos the preloader isnt workin but the % thing is working. i have attached the flash file too.

check the attached file. I’ve corrected the mistake :smiley:

i cant see the letters filling as the file being loaded. yet the problem is not fixed the problem is my loadbar is not working. the letters should get filled with that blue colour bar in it. and the filling should go from bottom to top

It works for me…


what i did was i imported a sound file to the second scene of it. after that i played it. and i dont see the letters filling :frowning: is it a problem with my computer cos scotty can also see it

If you test your movie (CTRL+Enter) hit CTRL+Enter again to simulate a download, you can change the settings (modem, dsl etc) somewhere in the menu, I can’t remember where that is in mx:stunned:


scotty are you sure u can see the letters gettin filled up

Depends what you mean with get filled up…
I see the letters “reveal” cause the blue square is growing (letters have that colour)


dont know cos for me still it doesnt work. ok filled up by that what i mean is like a Vertical Progress Bar the letters get filled up with Blue colour from top to bottom and the filling is the progress bar of the site

In that way it works for me:)
Do you see the loading progress in the textfield ?


yes i see that one. and i see the percentage thingy inscreaing too, but i cant see he letters filling up. it stays just where it is, never gets filled up. do u know the problem scotty?

And you’re using the fla you’ve attached in post#8?
Try changing the font. In the fla it is 1,2, 3…something(I’ve forgotten the name) and because didn’t have that I’ve changed it to Arial and that worked.
If you don’t have it as well and choose system font,then Flash can’t see the outlines and not use it as mask (or you have to use setMask() then you can).
Hope that helps:)


ok i tried that way also (changed the font to Arial) still it didnt work and im using Flash MX (Macromedia Studio MX)

scotty can you do that thing in setMask() for me and attach it cos i want to see it that way