Advanced preloading problem (i think)

Ok, I have two HTML pages, each with a .swf movie on them. The first page has the splash .swf intro movie on it. I want to add a preloader to splash.swf that loads main.swf which is on main.html which loads when you click ENTER. I don’t know if this is possible or not. The reason I have 2 seperate .swf’s on seperate pages is because I need a different background color for each page. If this can’t be done then I would be interested in just loading the main.swf into the user’s cache as soon as they open the first page so that it acts as a preloader.

I uploaded it to The .swf’s might not load correctly on mac’s for some reason, but should be fine on a PC (no clue why).

Thanks in advance for any help!

I doubt it’s possible by keeping the other swf on an HTML page that isn’t open yet other than loading it in together with the intro to cache it. However, it IS possible to change the background color of the HTML page using some simple JavaScript. Look it up on google and you’ll find tons and tons of scripts that do this.

But my advice to you is - keep it the way it is now. Let the main page have a preloader itself and let people choose whether or not to view the intro.