Advanced rollover, can you help me?

check out this site:, you have propably heard of it. I want to make the same effect, but i’m also curious how they did it. I’m talking about the buttons at the bottom of the page. Go to: work–> 2D production and at the bottom you have those buttons. An other mc is moving over the button on rollover, but it has a delay. Maybe it’s easy, but i really have no idea…

Thanks a lot

Never been there before. I will say though that this is one of the best Flash sites I have seen. Probebly number 1. Everyone should visit.

I don’t have an answer to your question. Good advanced roll overs. Ultimately though… it’s all a matter of experience. There are a half dozen different effects in those menu rollovers. Each one takes experience to make it look right.

I’ll tell you though… I’m going to be attempting a couple of effects that I witnessed there. Just to figure it out.

Wow, they definitely changed their site. I have been here a long time ago, it was the same layout, but not as many effects. They definitely updated the effects and some of the looks of the page.

I would like to know how they do some of the effects too.


Like I said… there’s multiple things going on there. They have shapetweening on the load… they have multiple layers of glow effects, whitenoise effects, etc.

My personal favorite effect on the site is that “liquid fill” preloader. That roxor.

pretty simple :slight_smile: (if that’s the effect you’re looking for)

Make a button! Make sure the centerpoint of the button is at the center of the button! (not in the corner or…) now make more of 'em
Now make the box and place it over the first button
Right-click the first button and choose Actions!
Copy-paste the code given:

on (rollOver) {
_root.btn1over = true;
on (rollOut) {
_root.btn1over = false;

That just makes a value of a variable become true when you roll over the button and it also makes it become false when you roll out.
note: It’s good to store all the variables to “_root” for easier navigation.

Now right-click the box and choose Actions!
now copy-paste the code given:

onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
if (_root.btn1over) {
this._x += (btnxpos-this._x)/3;

NB! Change “btnxpos” to the _x position of the button!
There ya have it!
change the “btn1over” varfiable for every button (btn1over, btn2over, btn3over)

you also have to change “btnxpos” for every button!
Oh Yeah I almost forgot! You can change the “3” in the end of the 2 lines! The higher the number the slower and smoother the movement will be!
note: every variable can be changed to whatever you like. But it has to be changed to the same thing in the places where it is used or the script won’t work!
Well… I hope that Helped!

[note: There may be some mistakses and stuff cuz I copied the text from an older post and changed a few things to make it work like this :slight_smile: ]

Wow, thanks a lot, that’s what i needed. It works great