Advanced Sound Control

Ok I have three sounds I want to use in my preloader and main movie - I have the first (sound1) looping until the entire movie has loaded and it then starts another (sound2) (same as the first loop but it is just now playing more instruments) and it will play (sound2) once and then go on to (sound3) which is the main loop I want to play on my site - all of these sounds are sequencial to eachother so seamlessness is very important - is there a way to maximize the sound control with action script so everything plays seamless? Thanks


this guy did some looking into it. not as simple as you would hope.
it’s the f6synch item.

yea that guy was giving some good stuff on sound and I learned some stuff but not quite what I am looking for - but anyway thanks alot for the link it is a definate help



When it comes to sound, one reference:
I hope it helps you.

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